20+ Valentine's Day Gifts That Aren't Obvious

By refinery29
2018.02.14. 00:00
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Finding a meaningful gift for Valentine's Day always seems trickier to than buying presents for any of the other holidays of the year. They need to check off the boxes for being thoughtful and heartfelt; they have to fall in line with whatever obscure relationship stage you and your significant other fall under; and most of all, they need to have that special personal touch that reminds them just why you love them (and just why they love you too). On top of all that, you also want a gift that will stand out.We're not necessarily knocking floral bouquets and boxes of chocolate — it's just that they've been done so many times before. To keep the spark and excitement in the gift-giving area of your love life, we've curated a collection of presents that your partner probably wouldn't even think to ask for but will one-hundred percent go crazy

refinery29 - 20+ Valentine's Day Gifts That Aren't Obvious
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