The Coolest Beauty Looks You Probably Missed At NYFW

By refinery29
2018.02.15. 00:00
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A brief recap of what we learned at Fall/Winter 2018 New York Fashion Week: Western fringe can work on your manicure, millennial pink is officially out, and athleisure hair is the new tousled beach wave. But those are just the trends we spotted backstage or on the actual runway — and there's one crucial part of the scene, low-key packed with beauty inspiration, that hasn't been accounted for. Yet.Now's the time to turn your attention to the front row, because with over 300 shows on the official fashion calendar and audiences so large even insiders find themselves in standing-room only, it'd be a mistake to ignore the budding beauty trends sitting inches away from the runway.Fortunately, with the fashion circus moving on to London after today, we're finally able to take a moment to appreciate some of the best looks we almost missed this week, from Margot Robbie's moody eye

refinery29 - The Coolest Beauty Looks You Probably Missed At NYFW
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