Tinder is about to become more like Bumble in an important way

By Mashable
2018.02.14. 20:44
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It's not always easy to be a woman on a dating app. 

That's a big part of why Bumble, which leaves it up to women to decide whether they want to initiate a conversation, has been so successful. So much so, in fact, that rival dating app Tinder now has plan to implement a similar feature.

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A future update will add a new setting that leave it up to women to decide if they want to start a conversation with their matches. 

Speaking to MarketWatch, Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg said she doesn't expect it will become a signature feature for Tinder the way it has for Bumble. Read more...More about Tech, Tinder, Dating Apps, Bumble, and Apps And Software

Mashable - Tinder is about to become more like Bumble in an important way
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