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  • The United States and its European allies are divided over the question of what to do with hundreds of Islamic State (IS) foreign fighters who were captured on the battlefields in Syria and Iraq.While an agreement on how to handle the issue has yet to be made, experts warn of
    Maldives seeks foreign help to investigate arrested... ‘Harassed, detained, prosecuted’: Western anti-Daesh fighters feel betrayed Foreign Isis fighters must be seen to face justice 
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  • UK Prime Minister Theresa May warned that "ideology" should not get in the way as she called for a new security treaty to be agreed between Britain and the European Union after Brexit. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.
    May pleads for 'urgent' post-Brexit EU security deal Brexit: Security cannot be bargained for a trade deal, Jean-Claude Juncker warns Theresa May May: 'Ideology' must not impede Brexit security deal 
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    Amid the biggest revamp of European defense in years, NATO is pushing the European Union to work closely with non-EU allies as the U.K. maneuvers to maintain its leverage in the region’s security after it exits the bloc.
    Exclusive: Germany’s defence minister says EU defence pact to complement NATO Russia interference should be countered with 'the truth' and not 'more propaganda,' NATO chief says UK 'extremely important' for NATO, Stoltenberg says 
    British Prime Minister Theresa May pleaded Saturday for an urgent deal with the European Union on post-Brexit security cooperation, warning that citizens' lives were at stake.In a…
    May: 'Ideology' must not impede security deal World leaders gather to discuss global safety at Munich Security Conference Theresa May earns a hearing in Munich 
    Author: AFPMon, 2018-02-19 02:45ID: 1518901033662143300ANKARA: Turkey has “never used” chemical weapons in Syria and accusations that it had done so during its offensive against a Syrian Kurdish militia are “baseless,” a Turkish diplomatic source said on Saturday.Turkey last month launched military operation dubbed “Olive Branch” supporting Syrian rebels with ground troops and
    "We are going to the be the last mass shooting": Gun control rally held near Parkland WATCH: Teens who survived the school shooting speak at gun-control rally US says unlikely Turkey used chemical weapons 
    February 18, 2018 5:00 AMMUNICH • British Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday called for a new security treaty with the European Union that should be up and running next year to ensure military, intelligence and counter-terrorism cooperation after London leaves the bloc.
    May: 'Ideology' must not impede security deal May: 'Ideology' must not impede Brexit security deal Britain's May wins backing for EU security pact, timing unclear 
    European diplomats met with a senior Iranian official on Saturday in a bid to curtail Iran’s regional muscle-flexing and meet a key Trump administration demand.
    Rouhani's visit gives push to Indo-Iran oil deal May pleads for 'urgent' post-Brexit EU security deal Iran, India slam states aiding terror - Deccan Chronicle 
    Henry Bolton, ousted Saturday as leader of Britain's far-right United Kingdom Independence Party over a racism scandal involving his former girlfriend, said it would be "very difficult" for the party to survive its current leadership crisis.UKIP, the party credited with the strongest support for Brexit in the 2016 vote on
    Libyans mark 7 years since protests that ousted Kadhafi French rightwing leader Wauquiez under fire over comments about Macron, Sarkozy UK party sacks leader in fallout from racist Markle texts 
    Author: AFPSat, 2018-02-17 07:20ID: 1518886056390762700PRISTINA: Kosovo, which celebrates 10 years of independence on Saturday, has a flag that few people care about, four international telephone codes and a judoka hero.Here are five things to know about the youngest European country.1. Kosovo’s flag bears the shape of its territory and six yellow stars,
    Kosovo marks decade of independence as Rita Ora... The Latest: Kosovo president laments EU disunity on status Rita Ora jets to Kosovo for independence party 
    Author: REUTERSSun, 2018-02-18 20:28ID: 1518883350440411200VIENNA: International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has no objection to plans to turn the euro zone’s bailout fund into a European Monetary Fund, she said in comments published on Saturday.The European Commission has suggested transforming the role of the government-controlled European Stability Mechanism (ESM) into a full-blown
    Russian investment fund chief calls on US to keep 'business separate from politics' following hacking accusation Russian investment fund chief calls on US to keep 'business separate from politics' IMF chief says 'Why not?' to European Monetary Fund... 
    England's Matthew Southgate will enter the final round of the NBO Oman Open in a three-way tie for the lead as he goes in search of his first European Tour title.
    Bubba Watson fires 6-under to take 54-hole lead at Genesis Open Bubba Watson takes the lead at Riviera Bubba back in business with one-shot lead in Los Angeles 
    British Prime Minister Theresa May on Saturday pleaded for an urgent deal with the European Union on post-Brexit security cooperation, warning that citizens' lives were at stake.
    BLACK DOG: Christine Lagarde rolled her eyes at May speech May: 'Ideology' must not impede security deal May pleads for 'urgent' post-Brexit EU security deal 

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