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A statement entitled ‘Progress made towards establishing a second commercial Falkland Islands air link’ released last week by the Falkland Islands Government, but too late for publication in the Penguin News, has met with a mixed reception in the Islands. While some have expressed favor others have reservations and questions
Falklands second commercial air link: “Flight route is done deal” believes Tim Miller VIDEO: Flight attendant helps mother of three calm down toddler on late-night flight Ejector seat manufacturer fined £1.1 million over death...
HMS Ocean pulled into Portsmouth for the last time as a Royal Navy ship as it is now due to be delivered to Brazil, which has bought the RN sole helicopter carrier. The Royal Navy's flagship has served for 20 years and has traveled all around the world. She was
US sailor at Camp Pendleton dies after being struck by helicopter blade Sailor Dies After Being Hit by Helicopter Blade Brazil Seeks Extradition of Man Arrested in Miami for Alleged Gun Trafficking
A viral music video called “What a shot” is stirring debate in Brazil about the glamorization of crime and freedom of expression, as surging crime in Rio de Janeiro has led the government to put troops in charge of security in the tourist city. The hit by Jordana Gleise de
Brazil army takes over of Rio de Janeiro Brazil troops criticized for stops, checks of slum... ATP World Tour 500, Rio de Janeiro Men's Singles Final...
Brazilian leaders said on Monday that the use of the military to combat rising violence in Rio de Janeiro could serve as a model for other violent areas of Brazil. The armed forces officially took over Rio’s police on Friday under a decree signed by president Michel Temer. The measure
Brazil Seeks Extradition of Man Arrested in Miami for Alleged Gun Trafficking Brazilian arms dealer arrested in the United States Mexico buying more Brazilian corn over concern with NAFTA negotiations
Brazil’s political affairs minister Carlos Marun said on Monday that passage of a bill to overhaul the country’s costly social security system has effectively ground to a halt in Congress and would become a campaign issue in this year’s election.
Defence Secretary to launch 24-hour service for troops Theresa May can take back control one way, says Dan Hodges Brazil seeks extradition of man arrested for gun...
The Brazilian Ministry of Health has reported that from July 1, 2017 to February 15 of this year, 409 cases of yellow fever were confirmed in the country, 183 in São Paulo, 157 in Minas Gerais, 68 in Rio de Janeiro and 1 in the Federal District. There were also
Watch a Rare Yellow Cardinal Visit a Backyard Feeder in Alabama Watch ‘One in a Million’ Yellow Cardinal Visit Feeder in Alabama Backyard Brazil seeks extradition of man arrested for gun...
Brazilian President Michel Temer has announced the creation of a public security ministry after giving the military full control over security in crime-plagued Rio de Janeiro. Temer came to the city to meet Governor Luiz Fernando Pezao, several ministers and General Walter Souza Braga Netto, who will lead the operation
China will deal ‘seriously’ with North Korea sanctions breaches NIB sends Finance Ministry 13 companies to float on EGX: El-Saeed Florida high school to reopen after massacre
Brazil's President Michel Temer on Friday handed the military full control of security in Rio de Janeiro in an increasingly desperate fight to tame runaway gang violence. Army patrols are already used in Rio's gang-ruled favelas, but a decree signed by Temer will now give the military full control of
Brazil Seeks Extradition of Man Arrested in Miami for Alleged Gun Trafficking | Gang of 15 hit cash in transit vehicle Sweden eyes doubling military budget by 2035, citing Russian bogeyman

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