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The Venezuelan democratic opposition, represented by the Democratic Unity, announced that it will not be presented to the elections convened by the government of Nicolás Maduro for next April 22 and calls for a national boycott as it is considered a fraudulent process and without guarantees.
Djibouti’s Main Opposition Party Boycotts Legislative Elections Ahmadinejad calls for early, free elections in Iran Argentina eases residency application for Venezuelan immigrants
Venezuela’s “Petro” crypto-currency will attract investments from Turkey, Qatar, the U.S., and Europe, the country’s crypto-currency regulator, Carlos Vargas, told reporters. The Petro will be offered for sale this Tuesday, February 20th, and comes as Venezuela is suffering from quadruple-digit inflation and chronic shortages of food and medicine.
Top US diplomat in Venezuela under fire for tough comments Swiss banks should be scrutinised for dirty money, says Venezuelan opposition activist | Maduro calls for snap legislative elections in Venezuela

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