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    Going to sleep within two hours of eating dinner and snacking after dinner were also associated with obesity, but skipping breakfast was not.
    Samantha Schreiber details her struggle with binge eating Woman details her struggle with binge eating disorder Eating yoghurt can reduce risk of heart disease, claims study
    How Natasha Singer, a tech reporter at The Times, uses tech when she chronicles the industry’s effect on education, privacy and our health.
    Tech boss of Snapchat, 27, earned £450million last year Tech upgrades push fighter jets to new limits How warplanes are getting a high-tech upgrade
    Stress weakens the brain’s ability to learn and retain information, but exercise may counteract those effects by bolstering communication between brain cells.
    Anesthesia may cause memory problems Here’s how your gym selfies and exercise bragging posts on social media are affecting your friends Diabetic replaced insulin injections with exercise
    They spend hours torqued to the left as they speed around a tight oval. As a result, their bodies are asymmetrical, with much of their right sides bulkier.
    South Koreans call for speedskaters to be booted from Olympics - CBS News Christie `probably´ would have quit short-track if... Elise Christie celebrates Hungarian boyfriend's gold win
    Many streaming video providers offer movies and television shows with embedded text descriptions for those who cannot hear the words being spoken.
    CNBC Tech Check Evening Edition: February 22, 2018 CNBC Tech Check Morning Edition: February 22, 2018 Tech analysts are looking at these top tech names
    The Bigger Picture campaign uses spoken-word poems and music videos to highlight how Type 2 diabetes impacts communities.
    Polyclinics chip in to tackle mental illnesses Younger type-2 diabetes bad for heart This start-up is combining food and technology to try and prevent diabetes

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