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Fuel made from plants like corn, soybeans, even algae have been around for decades. Now, researchers have developed an algae-powered fuel cell that is ,self-repairing, self-replicating, biodegradable and much more sustainable than existing models. Faith Lapidus has details.
Green lab launched at Bukit View Secondary School Here's 10 states employing thousands in solar power jobs From California to Texas, here's 10 states that employ thousands in solar power jobs
Kevlar body armor saves lives, and the high end vests can even stop armor piercing rounds. But that kind of protection comes at the cost of added heavy weight. A Czech Republic university is using ceramics that bring the weight of safety way down. VOA's Kevin Enochs reports.
UPDATE 1-Maximising returns: Chinese steel mills to... Maximising returns: Chinese steel mills to ramp up... Trade War in sight: Brussels braces for countermeasures as Washington threatens with steel tariffs
Robotic wheelchairs are already available in some countries. But what if a disabled person needs to travel over a bumpy stretch of a road or climb stairs? A lab in South Korea is experimenting with a walking robot with a comfortable seat for a human operator. VOA’s George Putic has
We tested out this hotel robot (and it wasn't totally competent) Norfolk man denies murdering dog walking pensioner Humans can't stop the Boston Dynamics' robot dog from opening a door
Four automakers in Japan, including Mitsubishi and Isuzu, have road-tested a form of driverless technology. The big rigs are all equipped with a type of adaptive cruise-control system as a step toward removing the one feature you'd expect to see in the cab: a driver. Arash Arabasadi reports.
Uber CEO plans closer ties with Toyota on autonomous driving Police: Driver drinks poison during highway chase in California Ventura chase suspect dies after apparent poisoning, California Highway Patrol says
Most analysts and economists agree, robots are slowly replacing humans in many jobs. They weld and paint car bodies, sort merchandise in warehouses, explore underground pipes and inspect suspicious packages. Yet we still do not see robots as domestic help, except for robotic vacuum cleaners. Robotics experts say there is
Humans can't stop the Boston Dynamics' robot dog from opening a door Boston Dynamics tried to prevent ‘SpotMini’ from escaping, but the robot outsmarted them Robots that poop - and other tech magic of Toy Fair 2018 video - CNET
Until recently, Javier, a 60-year-old line cook, couldn’t afford a smartphone.Now, thanks to a Silicon Valley company, Javier has a Galaxy S8, one of Samsung’s high-end smartphones. Javier said he relies on it for everything.Once a month, he walks into a mobile phone store near San Francisco and makes a
Man caught with €12k in cash by CAB was homeless Uber rolls out cheaper Express Pool service that rivals transit buses How mobile photography technology has evolved over two decades of phone cameras
Even though the U.S. Postal Service delivers about 46 percent of the world's total mail, competition is getting tougher every day. The post office is turning to technology to stay current. VOA's Elizabeth Lee shows how the USPS is using virtual and augmented realities, along with email, to attract business.
Get away from this obsession over digital at all costs Four arrested over Taiwan’s first bitcoin robbery Aircel network badly hit as porting requests rise exponentially
Leaders of U.S. national security and law enforcement agencies said Tuesday the U.S. private sector has been helpful in efforts to keep the country safe.While the leaders did not name companies, industry sectors or what specific help has been provided, they did discuss the challenges of monitoring social media.The comments
Seed firms scramble to stop a 'cancer' in Canada's cash crop Vox Media Cuts 50 Employees, Scales Back on Social Video Twitter says its fighting the 'targeted abuse and harassment' of Parkland survivors
A new service that sends virtual images of the day's mail to inboxes, before snail mail arrives in actual mailboxes, is now a reality in the United States.  "Informed Delivery" is the latest way the United States Postal Service (USPS) is trying to stay competitive.  “Informed Delivery is a way
Uber rolls out cheaper Express Pool service that rivals transit buses Attorney calls Macomb deputy clerk ‘cuckoo’ after lynching threat on voice mail Stamping out crime: Postal Service spends millions on TV show about its crime-fighting inspectors
Bill and Melinda Gates say they're concerned about some of President Donald Trump's policies and statements. Here are some excerpts from their recent interview with The Associated Press:Giving pledgeBill Gates says he's met with Trump twice since he took office. The Microsoft co-founder hasn't asked Trump to sign "The Giving
Ellen DeGeneres Tested Bill Gates With A Grocery Game. Clearly He Doesn’t Shop. Bill Gates doesn't know how much Rice-A-Roni costs - CNET Trump vows tougher background checks, mental health screens for gun buyers in meeting with students
It has been called a delivery drone, an unmanned aerial vehicle or even a glider. It can be used to deliver essential supplies to areas traditional shipping and delivery companies cannot go to. Elizabeth Lee has details from Los Angeles.
Aircel network badly hit as porting requests rise exponentially Uber rolls out cheaper Express Pool service that rivals transit buses NTT Docomo to launch drone business

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